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7 Tips for Crafting a Captivating Home Buyer’s Letter

In a competitive buying market like we’re currently experiencing, making your offer stand out could make the difference between being a happy new homeowner and a buyer still in the market for a home. Unfortunately, sellers aren’t just going to hand over the keys to their home. So how can you set yourself apart from the competition? One answer: A letter.

More and more homebuyers are writing personal letters to sellers to make their offer stand out. This letter is a chance for you to shine and convince the seller that YOU deserve to be the new homeowner. Here are 7 tips for crafting a captivating letter to the seller:

1. Write the Letter Yourself

The letter will have a stronger impact if you write the letter yourself. Sellers want to get a feel for who will be taking over their home, so make it genuine, be creative and let your personality shine through!

2. Begin With a Thank You

The homebuying process can be stressful for both parties involved, so opening your letter with a sincere thank you will be much appreciated. Thank the sellers for the time and energy they’ve put into getting their home “open house ready” and for allowing you to see it. This will show the seller you acknowledge the hard work they’ve done.

3. Feel Free to Flatter

Most people enjoy compliments and tend to believe they have great taste. After you thank them for opening their beautiful home to you, tell them what made this home stand out. Give specifics about how well it’s maintained and what personal touches they added that make it the home you see yourself living in.

4. Get Personal and Imaginative

This part of the letter is extremely important! It’s where you sell the seller on why you are the best buyer. Talk about your family, what’s important to you in life and how this home will tie into your dreams. Many sellers have deep roots in their homes with countless memories made there. Although they’re leaving it behind, they want to be sure that it’s in good hands. Point out the similarities you share. You need to paint them a picture of the memories you see yourself making in their home.

If they have a dog, tell them about the dog you recently adopted and how excited he’ll be to go on walks on the nature trail behind their house. If they have children, tell them about the two you have and how the storage space will make the perfect Disney themed playroom.

5. Reassure Them You’re Ready

Sellers are looking for an easy and smooth close, so reassure them you are a well-qualified buyer. This is a good time to emphasize significant areas of your pre-approval letter. Give them the information they need to know you are unwavering and prepared to close the deal with no interruptions.

6. Shed Light on Your Service

This is one way VA homebuyers can stand out from the competition. If you are comfortable doing so, mention your service. Describe how you are eager to use the benefits you earned through your service to establish roots and take part in the American Dream of owning a home.

7. One Last Thank You

This is the part where you should be humble and tell them how honored you’d be to live in their home. Thank them one last time for all they’ve done throughout the process and for the time they took to read your letter and consider your offer. Be sure to sign with great appreciation.

If you find the home of your dreams, don’t let it slip through your fingers. Follow these tips to craft a captivating letter to the seller that will help seal the deal. Some sellers are unfamiliar with the nuances of VA loans. Get connected with a VA savvy real estate agent for more tips on wooing the current owners of your future home.